VertiDrive Abrasive Blasting Robot M3


  • Safe, clean and efficient one man operation
  • Eliminates access requirements (staging, cranes, platforms, etc.)
  • Fast and efficient removal of industrial coatings, corrosion and marine growth with 2500 bar (36K psi) ultra high pressure or
    500 bar (7250 psi) high pressure washing application
  • Easy accessibility to all horizontal, overhead and vertical surfaces
  • Wireless remote controlled operating system (electric version)
  • Wireless remote controlled operating system (electric version)
  • Carrier for various standard and custom engineered applications
  • Easy convertible to M4 with optional M3 to M4 conversion kit


The Vertidrive M3 enables shipyards, off shore, petrochemical and wide range of other industries to clean or blast steel surfaces, faster, safer, environmentally friendly and more cost-effective than possible with grit or manual UHP blasting while allowing other trades to simultaneously perform other maintenance procedures.

The M3 offers a significant advantage over the traditional methods to remove marine growth, industrial coatings and corrosion.
It is designed for all horizontal, overhead and vertical steel cleaning, blasting or custom engineered applications. The M3 is remotely controlled for operator safety, comfort and productivity.

The light weight construction and quick (dis)connect systems reduce the buildup time to approximately 10 minutes. The M3 adheres to the wall by a magnetic drive assembly and can be moved independently. There is no need for crane assistance or cherry pickers.