Thompson Valve II

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  • Abrasive Metering Valve
  • Meters the flow of blasting grit, garnet abrasive sand
  • Rugged, simple, bolted construction
  • 1 ¼ (32 mm) thread abrasive inlet port
  • Features 1 (25 mm) thread side-cleanout port
  • Heavy duty tungsten carbide sleeve
  • Specify air connection size
  • Threaded-plunger metering design with air actuated operation
  • The Thompson II Valve uses HF BTC blast coupling not included (order separately)
  • The Thompson Valve 2 is suitable for use with all approved blasting abrasives
  • Fit most sand blast hoppers, blast pots or abrasive blasting machines


The Thompson Valve II is an abrasive metering valve that meters your abrasive flow much more accurately than alternate valves. The Thompson Valve II acts as the blast pot’s “carburetor”, controlling abrasive media flow grain by grain.

Easily Repeatable Metering. The Virtual Position Indicator (VPI) provides a visual gauge of how far the valve is open. Gradation marks make precise measuring simple – no more counting turns of the knob.

Allows multiple Operators to work off the one pot. These normally closed valves are standard on multiple outlet abrasive blast machines. This is so each operator can work independently of each other.

Fail-safe. The Thompson II Valve is a fail-safe valve, giving optimum abrasive blasting operator safety. On shut off, it cuts abrasive flow to the nozzle and seals the blasting hopper at the same instant.

Fast Start/Stop for Spot Blasting. For those projects where you only have to blast small areas or rust spots, the fast on/off control is ideal. Blast a spot here and another over there without “dragging” the blast and damaging the coating in between. The Thompson II Valve gives almost instantaneous starting and stopping control.

Optional remote abrasive cut-off. A remote abrasive cut-off is available for Thompson Valve II systems. This allows you to stop the flow of abrasive, while continuing to blow air only. This feature is ideal for clearing a hose or blowing down a job, simply by flicking a switch at the deadman handle.

After-sales back-up. Contact BlastOne for parts diagram or spare parts list, also repair & rebuild kits.

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1-1/4'' x 1-1/4'', 1-1/2'' x 1-1/2'', 2" x 2"

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