Skid Mounted Vacuum Abrasive Recovery System – Vacuload IV

SKU: VAVaculoadIV


  • Will vacuum up to 8 ton/hour of garnet
  • Requires 900cfm of air at 120 psi to operate
  • Skid mounted abrasive recovery system, Pneumatically operated
  • 4 Dust Collector Cartridges with filtration area of 904 sq ft.
  • Automatic Reverse Pulse Cleaning
  • Works best for dry media disposal

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For efficient recovery of spent abrasive onsite, suck it up with a Vacuload IV. Available for both purchase or hire.

Additional information

Weight 1763.7 lbs
Dimensions 6.23 × 4.27 × 8.53 in

Document Downloads

Vacuload IV DataSheet Download


Introduction to Vacuload Abrasive Recovery

Operation Instruction – Pressure Differential Explained

Vacuload Air Supply

Operation of Vacuload Controls

Dumping Waste from a Vacuload System

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