US Minerals Black Diamond Copper Slag Abrasive


  • Copper Slag AKA Iron Silicate abrasive used for Sandblasting
  • Angular shape creates a profile on steel
  • Mohs Hardness of 7
  • Bulk Density: 100-120 lbs/ft2
  • Less then 0.1% free silica
  • Not Recommended for blasting on stainless or aluminum
  • Comes in many different grades and packaging sizes
  • Non-Recycling
  • Meets SSPC-AB 1 Standard


Black Diamond Copper Slag AKA Iron Silicate is distributed by BlastOne throughout the United States.

Comes in 3 main grades – Coarse (12/40), Medium (20/40), Fine (30/60). US Minerals/Black Diamond/Black Magnum Slag sizing is different from other Slags so double check that you are specifying the correct size to achieve your desired profile.

Coarse 12/40 Black Diamond
Your general purpose maintenance blasting grade for removal of rust and existing coatings. US Minerals recommend using a 5/16″ blast nozzle or larger, you can expect to achieve a 3.5-4.5mil profile.

Medium 20/40 Black Diamond
Typical grade used for mild steel milscale removal, for blasting new tanks, and structural steel. Recommended blast nozzle size is a 1/4″ or larger, you should achieve a 2-3.5mil profile

Fine 30/60 Black Diamond
Use for whip-blasting or blasting easy to remove milscale. A 1-2.5mil profile can be expected.

US Minerals Copper Slag Locations Loading Hours Blastox Available QPL/MilSpec
Anaconda MT 822 East Park Ave Anaconda MT 59711 7AM-3PM Yes Yes
Galveston TX 5712 Harborside Drive Galveston TX 77554 7AM-3PM Yes
Harvey LA 3860 Peters Road Harvey LA 70058 7:30AM-3:30PM Yes Yes

Metallic slags are produced from the by-products of the refining process. Similar to coal slag, the molten slag is rapidly cooled and the resulting material is crushed and screened. While metallic slags are slightly harder than coal slag, their performance and inherent issues are basically the same.

Metallic slags are primarily used in the geographic regions where their base metals are refined.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Skid Size

100lb bag on 3000lb skid, 4000lb bulk bag, 50lb bags on 3150lb skid, Bulk Tanker

Grit Size

Coarse (12/40), Fine (30/60), Medium (20/40)

Document Downloads

Safety Datasheet – Harvey & Galveston

Safety Datasheet – Anaconda