VertiDrive Abrasive Blasting Robot M2


  • Robotic blasting machine
  • Safe, clean and efficient one man operation
  • No clean-up costs
  • Fast and efficient removal of paint and rust
  • Cleans horizontal, overhead and vertical surfaces
  • Ergonomic compact design and user-friendly


The Vertidrive M2 Robotic Blaster is designed to carry out closed hydro blast operation on vertical, horizontal or overhead steel surfaces. The machine adheres to the wall by a magnetic pneumatic drive assembly and can be easily maneuvered. The operator does NOT feel the effect of the back force created by the high pressure of the UHP pump. The magnetic drive absorb this force completely.

The blast can mounted in front of the drive system has a self rotating nozzle bar with 8 nozzles. A rotation speed of approx. 3000 rpm and a water pressure of 3000 bar with max 30 ltrs / min to ensure a clean and effective result. All the water and paint can be collected with an optional vacuum and separation system.

On the handle the controls are easily accessible. Forward and backwards speed can be controlled with the same control handle.
A unique safety feature ensures that the connected UHP pump can only be switched on when the Handy is securely adhere to the metal surface. In case the contact with the surface is being lost the pump automatically shuts off.