VertiDrive Abrasive Blasting Robot M7



  • VertiDrive abrasive blasting robot – blasts with 2 or 3 Blast Nozzles
  • Can be adapted to 40,000 psi UHP water jetting
  • Operated semi-autonomously by a remote control
  • Robotic access to horizontal, vertical and even upside down
  • Attaches to steel surfaces via strong magnets
  • Does the blasting of 3 blasters
  • Working blasting pattern of 1500 mm / 60 inches wide
  • Robotic Sand Blasters are available for Hire or Purchase

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SANDBLASTING ROBOTS The VertiDrive M7 is designed to robotically abrasive blast large flat areas fast. The VertiDrive will compliment your current blast team. While the VertiDrive blasts the large flat areas, the rest of the team can work on the more complex blasting tasks.

Typical applications for robotic abrasive include shipyards and large tanks, where significant savings over other traditional methods of blasting can be made. The Verti Drive blasting robot works best with GMA Garnet Abrasive sand. It is used in conjunction with multi-outlet blast machines or bulk blasters. You can use the existing blast hoses you have and just manipulate them with the VertiDrive abrasive blasting robot. Sand Blasting Robots are available for Hire, Rental or Purchase in Australia, New Zealand and USA

It’s Like Blasting On Autopilot!

  • 3X faster than a man with a nozzle
  • No blaster downtime, overtime, lunch breaks, sick days, fatigue, injuries
  • Dust and visibility issues no longer hinder production
  • Eliminate costs of ladders, aerial work platforms, scaffolding
  • Pays for itself in 250,000 ft2 (23,000 m2) of blasting


Working Width 59 inches 1500 mm
Blasting Capacity Up to 1500 ft2/hr Up to 150 m2/hr
Drive Speed 0-22 ft/min 0-7 m/min
Weight Robot 136 lbs 62 kgs
Dimensions (L,W,H) 35.4″ x 31.5″ x 18.9″ 90 cm x 80cm x 48cm

Additional information

Weight 120 lbs
Dimensions 25.6 × 21.65 × 20.45 in

Document Downloads

M7 Vertidrive Vertical Blasting Robot

VertiDrive Manual M7

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