VertiDrive M4 Magnetic Robot Crawler



  • Increases productivity up to 800%
  • Covers up to 45 m2 / 485 ft2 per hour
  • Compatible for use on horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Closed hydroblasting with vacuum system
  • 5X faster than manual blasting
  • Blasts an incredible 400 mm (15,5″) cleaning width
  • Wirelessly controlled – keeps workers out of harm’s way
  • Strategically designed for quick (dis)assembly
  • ATEX Zone II, Electric, Pneumatic versions available
  • Compact design – fits through 24″ manhole
  • Convertible to VertiDrive M3

VertiDrive M4 Magnetic Robot Crawler

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Cost-efficient and timely removal of industrial coatings, corrosion and similar contamination on large steel surfaces like ship hulls and storage tanks is a monumental challenge. On large steel surfaces and structures the VertiDrive M4 is the industry standard when it comes to providing the most comprehensive cleaning and blasting solution. In tandem with this magnetic robot crawler, site workers are able to operate more safely and efficiently – which ultimately translates to lower costs! The M4 is not simply a blasting robot – it is a closed hydroblasting solution. The VertiDrive Vacuum System dries large steel surfaces immediately – preventing flash rust. Due to less waste, other site technicians are free to simultaneously perform other tasks – which translates to both time and money saved! Tanks and other confined spaces don’t stand a chance against the M4 – which can be (dis)assembled in just a few minutes – and fits comfortable through a 24″ manhole. Operator safety is ensured via the M4’s ability to be wirelessly controlled at distance. With the M3 Conversion Kit, the M4 can be converted into its cousin, the versatile VertiDrive M3 – an agile piece of equipment which carries applications for HP, UHP and abrasive blasting. This comprehensive blasting solution is available for Hire, Rental or Purchase in Australia, New Zealand and USA.

It’s Like Blasting On Autopilot!


  • Allows for up to 80% cost reduction
  • Low maintenance and easy to transport from site to site
  • Environmentally friendly – combine with VertiDrive M4 Vacuum System for waste-water collection