Graco Viscon Paint Heater – 240V Hazardous Location Certified

SKU: GR245863

  • Used to heat and maintain the temperature of paint to provide a constant viscosity and flow
  • Suits Graco Pumps in Hazardous locations
  • Electrical Specs 240 VAC, 4000watts, 16.7 amps
  • Manufactured with Stainless Steel
  • Rated to 7250 psi
  • Can be wall or cart mounted
  • Genuine Parts – Manufactured by Graco


Graco VisCon High Pressure Fluid Heater are used to assist fluid control
Helps maintain uniform viscosity for a steady flow rate, reducing operating pressure and less overspray
Reduces (or eliminates) the need to thin the coating to spray which means:
– less V.O.C. more environmentally positive
– savings in cost of thinners/solvents
Can be mounted onto a pump cart for mobility or wall mounted for a fixed installation
VisCon HP temperature range 84-219°F

Additional information

Dimensions 18 × 12 × 14.4 in