Vacuload Series 8 - Diesel Powered

Part no. VAVacuload8D

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Vacuload 8D is the most powerful vacuum system available in the Vacuload Series. Its diesel engine powers the tri-lobe roots blower to create a near complete vacuum.


This vacuum system is commonly used by contractors blasting with expendable media, and has applications in vacuum blasting operations, abrasive waste recovery, or in transporting massive amounts of spent abrasive between different areas within a job site.

The unit includes a hydraulic system that raises the cyclone/dust collector to easily unload massive amounts of waste material into skip or dumpster.


  • Filtration Area: 1800 sq ft (550 sq m)
  • Automatic Reverse Pulse Cleaning: Included
  • Conveying Capacity: 20 ton/hr
  • Lowered Height: 140” (3550 mm)
  • Raise Height: 230” (5840 mm)
  • Discharge Height: 105” (2670 mm)
  • Length When Lowered 210” (5330 mm)
  • Width: 99” (2515 mm)
  • Weight: 13,500 lbs (6136 kg)
  • Size Vacuum Hose: 8”

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