BlastOne COMBI Garnet Abrasive Recycling System

Part no. MKCOMBI

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The Garnet Recycling System Model MK COMBI is a specially designed compact recycling system for the efficient cleaning and reprocessing of used Garnet for immediate re-use. The MK COMBI is a fully assembled unit with central lifting point for easy transportation and setting up on site. Only an electrical connection and compressed air supply are needed for immediate operation. The MK-COMBI is designed to clean used Garnet. All trash such as cigarette butts, broken glass, paint flakes, welding rods, stones etc. are removed from the used Garnet. In addition the system will remove broken Garnet grains [fines] and dust particles from the used material. The system uses a dry cleaning process and all used Garnet must be totally dry for processing. The MK-COMBI is a low maintenance and easy to operate system with adjustable controls for material flow and Airwash cleaning. The total throughput of the system is dependent on the degree of cleanliness of the used/dirty garnet and the degree of fines extraction required. Typical throughput capacity is up to 7 metric tonnes per hour.