AirPrep 1600cfm Moisture Removal System

Part no. ACS1600

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AirPreps are designed to give you dry air to blast with. Dry air blasts at least 15% faster then air with moisture. AirPreps have a rugged design that is built to with-stand the test of the jobsite. Contractors swear that an AirPrep is as important to take to their jobsite as a blast pot.


The 1600 Air Dryer is the ultimate machine for high producing blasting.  Most large tank and bridge painters will use this, and it will withstand the beating you will give it.


  • Specified Capacity: 1600 cfm
  • Pressure rating:  150 psi
  • Height:  79 in / 2010 mm
  • Length: 69 in / 1750 mm
  • Width: 37.5 in / 950 mm
  • Weight:  2035 lbs / 925 kg
  • Style:  Aftercooler