AirPrep 750CFM Moisture Removal System

Part no. ACS750

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AirPrep a high efficiency system to remove moisture from your compressed air. The ACS Aftercooler system uses an Aftercooler fan to cool the compressed air - the cool air then flows into a large coalescing tank where the cool air/moisture spins through stainless steel coalescing elements that drops the moisture out of the system. Pneumatic fan motor includes filter regulator lubricator and muffler. Electric fan motor also available. There is negligible pressure loss through the AirPrep system thanks to the oversized Radiator/Heat Exchanger.


This AirDryer will handle two blasters off one 750 or 800 cfm compressor.


  • Specified Capacity: 750 cfm
  • Pressure Rating:  150 psi
  • Height:  71 in / 1800 mm
  • Length: 47 in / 1200 mm
  • Width: 32.5 in / 825 mm
  • Weight:  1223 lbs / 556 kg
  • Includes:  Coalescing tank
  • Type:  Aftercooler