AirPrep 950cfm Moisture Removal System

Part no. ACS950

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AirPrep's are designed to give you dry air to blast with. Dry air blasts at least 15% faster then air with moisture. AirPreps have a rugged design that is built to with-stand the test of the jobsite. Contractors swear that an AirPrep is as important to take to their jobsite as a blast pot.


Blasting with 3 nozzles?  The ACS950 could be your ideal machine, typically found mounted on a truck bed frame for contractors using 3 single pots.


  • Specified Capacity: 950 cfm
  • Pressure Rating:  150 psi
  • Height:  79 in / 2010 mm
  • Length: 61 in / 1550 mm
  • Width: 37.5 in / 950 mm
  • Weight:  1254 lbs / 570 kg
  • Style:  Aftercooler