Schmidt 10 cuft Blast Machine

Part no. BMS1001TV

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BlastOne Blasting equipment is built for highest productivity, safety and dependability. These large capacity blast pots hold a large amount of abrasive saving time by not having to stop and fill the blast unit with Abrasive so often. These blast pots also can come in a Double Outlet model meaning they can be used with Two Operators. Our Blasting systems use full flow piping which significantly reduce pressure loss. Quality valves and precise controls result in significant reduction in abrasive costs, minimization of downtime and reduction in clean-up and abrasive disposal costs.


The 10 cu ft pot is designed for use in a blast room where 1 or 2 blasters can work off the same blast pot. Typically the pot would be refilled from a storage hopper.


  • Specified Capacity: 10.0 cu ft / 285 liters
  • Abrasive Capacity:
    • Garnet: 1500 lbs / 670 kg
    • Steel Grit: 2450 lbs / 1100 kg
  • Height: 59 in / 1500 mm (Excluding Handle)
  • Length: 33 in / 855 mm (Including Handle)
  • Width: 31 in / 785 mm (Including Lift Lugs)