ConeBlast Internal Pipe Blasting Tool

Part no. IPC4000

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The abrasive come from your blast hose through the center of the tool and is deflected outward by a tungsten carbide tip.

For successful operation, you will be requiring a 1-1/2" blast hose and a 250 cfu air supply.


The ConeBlast internal pipe blasting tool is designed for sandblasting the inside of small pipes from 2" up to 12".


  • Tungsten Carbide deflection head and throat nozzle 
  • For pipes 5" to 12" (127mm to 305mm) ID 
  • Includes threaded BTC adaptor 
  • Requires large bore 1 ½ (38mm) ID
  • Full flow blast hose for successful operation
  • Air Supply Recommended: 250 cfm