MBX Bristle Blaster Pneumatic Kit


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The Bristle Blaster Pneumetic Set is a portable surface preparation tool that combines the ability to produce an abrasive blasted finish with the high mobility and flexibility of a portable hand-held tool. The hardened angled bristle wheels works at up to 10x the speed of a wirebrush tool.


The Bristle Blaster is ideally suited to touch up after blasting jobs and getting into tight corners and angles - for example, weld seam preparation in shipbuilding, maintenance works and inspections in the petrochemical industry, and portable and rope access projects, such as wind towers.


  • Surface roughness or profile of 40-120 microns (1.5 - 4 mils)
  • Class of blast of Sa 2-1/2 - Sa 3 (SSPC SP-10/NACE No.2 - SSPC SP-5/NACE No. 1
  • ATEX certified and approved for use in zone 1 (Ex II 2G c IIA T4 X)
  • Can be used with 11mm or 23mm wheels

Supplied as a complete kit including:

  • Aluminum case
  • 10 spare wheels
  • Dust exhaust attachment
  • Service tools and manual