BlastOne Mist Blaster

Part no. BMS65TVMB

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Mist blasting technology is a revolutionary, environmentally safe and cost effective surface cleaning method that quickly removes protective coatings, oxidation and graffiti.

The Mist blaster is designed to minimise airborne dust particles.

Vapor and mist blasting uses a mixture of compressed air, garnet and water to suppress dust in a method that uses less water than a wet ring.

A versatile wet blast machine for the industrial user who needs to take his pot with him, and wants to use the same pot for wet and dry blasting.

The Mist Blaster gives contractors the benefit of Thompson Valve abrasive metering, and wet abrasive to reduce dust.

  • Central control panel
  • Fully integrated system
  • Multi function as wet or dry blasting
  • Pressure Range: 75 psi to 150 psi (5.1 to 10.3 bar)
  • Pot Capacity: 6.5 cu ft / 184 liters