Graco EcoQuip II EQM Mini Vapor Blaster

Part no. GM262950E

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The Graco Ecoquip EQM Mini is an industry favorite for small project vapor blasting. Available with or without an electronic dead man switch.

The compact, mid-sized unit makes it convenient and portable for small companies and single operators who desire a dustless environment while retaining a powerful blast pressure. The EQM Mini generates far less dust (approx. 92% less dust) than dry sand blasting while also requiring less water than competing wet blasting units. 

The ideal abrasive for the EQM is garnet which significantly reduces dusting in-and-of itself. These machines are great for surface prep, restoration & maintenance, and general blast cleaning.

EcoQuip 2 EQm

Maximum Fluid Working Pressure

175 psi

Operating Temperature

35˚ - 110˚ F

Recommended Compressor Size+

185–600 CFM

Blast Hose Size (supplied)

1.25 in. ID

Abrasive Capacity*

440 lb.

Dry Weight

370 lb.

Wet Weight*

900 lb.

Pressure Pot Volume

3.5 cubic feet

Air Inlet Connection†

1–1/2 npt

Water Inlet Connection

3/4 in. garden hose connection

* Abrasive capacity and wet weight was found using 80 grit garnet. Using coarser media or less dense media will decrease weight.

† 2 in. ground boss adapter included in tool box (see Parts section of the EcoQuip 2 manual for more detail).

Air Supply Hose Minimum ID

185–600 CFM compressor and less than 100 ft. hose length

1.5 in. ID

Over 600 CFM compressor or greater than 100 ft. hose length

2 in. ID

Sound Data**

Sound Pressure Level

133 dB(A)

Sound Power Level

139 dB(A)

Instantaneous Sound Pressure Level

131 dB(C)

** All readings were taken at the maximum system blast pressure 150 psi (10.3 bar, 1.03 MPa) from the operator position. The abrasive used was garnet and the substrate was steel. Tested in accordance with ISO 9614-2.

+ See the Nozzle Selection Guide for information on how to properly select the blast nozzle based on compressor pressure and flow output specifications.