Mist Blaster™ Wet Abrasive Blaster

Part no. BMMB65

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The BlastOne Mist Blaster™ improves dustless blasting performance by providing you with the ability to do dry blasting and vapor mist blasting with the same blast pot, and have an effective wash down cycle. 

4 Settings Available:

  1. Dry
  2. Mist
  3. Washdown
  4. Blowdown


The Mist Blaster™ gives contractors the flexibility of dry blasting or mist blasting as needed, coupled with the age old reliability you have come to expect from a standard blast machine.


The Mist Blaster™ is very versatile, allowing the operators ultimate flexibility in how much water they need for the task at hand.

  • Uses as low as 1 quart per minute of water when blasting
  • Can increase wash down speeds up to 10 times as fast
  • Can retro-fit to your existing blast pot
  • 6.5 cuft pot capacity
  • Weight:  530 lbs
  • Width: 39"
  • Height: 60"
  • Depth: 48"
  • Garnet Capacity: 950lbs
  • Steel Grit Capacity: 1580lbs

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