Ultra High Pressure (UHP)

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Ultra High Pressure Water blasting units are the perfect equipment when faced with tough industrial and commercial blasting projects.  With pumps delivering pressures from 6k psi (425 Bar) up to 40k psi (2800 Bar), Ultra High Pressure blasting (UHP) essentially “restores” the current profile by stripping the coating with minimal impact on the substrate profile and surrounding environment.  This is a cost effective, efficient method which requires no abrasive use and thus no abrasive cleanup. The disbonded coating is effectively washed away leaving a totally clean surface.   
UHP water blasting also eliminates profile contamination of salt or embedded blast media.
UHP jetting systems can be electric or diesel powered, mounted on trailers, skids, or containers - or even hand-held vacuum attached tools.  These water blasting units are ideal for removing heavy rust, scale, resins, chemical residues, and thick or abrasion resistant coatings – such as chlorinated rubber, coal-tar epoxies, polyurethanes, and glass-flake coatings. 
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