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Vacuum blasting machines are also known as “dust-free” blasting systems because they eliminate the dust and air particulates that are removed from the substrate surface.   Blasting speed is significantly reduced compared to open blasting and thus blast vacuum machines are predominantly used for the removal of lead and hazardous coatings, doing final touch-ups where broader site clean-up is cost/time prohibitive, and weld inspection blasting. 

The system can include a pressure blast pot, vacuum pump, separator and dust collector in one portable self-contained unit.  In vacuum systems, another advantage is the closed circulation where both the abrasive blasting and abrasive recovery are occurring simultaneously.  This recovery has many economic advantages, of which media recycling and reuse as well limited (if any) site cleanup are primary.   Suction is accomplished via vacuum pumps,  motor drive blowers, or assisted with compressed air.  This enables a continuous usage of the blasting medium, which is not only eco-friendly but also economically advantageous. 

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