Pinovo PiCo Pipe Vacuum Blasting Workhead

Part no. VCBV800

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The PiCo Pipe is a hand-held closed loop grit blasting tool intended for dust free abrasive blasting of pipes. 
The system is designed to be placed around the pipe, creating a perfect seal to contain the dust and abrasive. The blasting operator then moves the pipe tool in a consistent pattern to sandblast the pipe.
No significant clean-up or further work is required following the Pinovo preparation process, the surface is ready for painting. 
Surface cleanliness up to SP10 with an anchor profile up to 4mil can be achieved. This low noise and dust free surface preparation process minimizes the impact on surrounding trades and equipment. 
Different size PiCo Pipe workheads are available for blasting pipes ranging from 1” to 8” – there is the perfect tool for every job.