Pinovo PiConnect Blast and Vacuum Workhead

Part no. VCBV600

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The PiConnect is a hand-held closed loop vacuum blasting tool to be used with vacuum blasting equipment. PiConnect is the most commonly used tool from Pinovo, good for cleaning most surfaces, but it is primarily intended for spot and sweep blasting. 
PiConnect has a unique click-on adapter technology for 11 different replaceable heads, giving you the ability to blast a large variety of surfaces easily. 

Workheads options include; 
  • Rounded heads for pipes of all different sizes, 
  • Edge blasting tools, 
  • I-beam flanges and more. 

Pinovo tools are light weight to minimize operator fatigue. The workhead has fully replaceable rubber linings and brushes to ensure a good long service life of the workhead. 
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