Blastman B12 Wall Mounted Blasting Robot

Part no. SBRB12

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The Blastman B12 Robot is a wall-mounted system with a 4-axis arm which can extend and swivel easily.

Easily programmable and with wide range of motion, this wall robotic blaster unit is ideal for implementing automation into abrasive blasting operations in a blast room setting.


Blastman wall-mounted robotics are typically used in blasting facilities where vertical space is limited. Generally, this particular unit is used to blast simple structures like tanks and wind towers.

To maximize productivity, often two robots are installed in a single facility, working together from opposite walls. In other cases, such as wind towers, the workpiece is rigged to turn at a constant rate into the blasting radius of a single blasting robot.


  • Flexible movement along longitudinal and vertical planes
  • 2 nozzle brackets with diameters ranging between .5” to .75”
  • Up to 145 psi capacity
  • Customizable machinery dimensions according to blast chamber and workpieces
  • Durable component parts to ensure smooth operation in harsh blasting environments