Blastman B16CX Wall Mounted Blasting Robot

Part no. SBRB16CX

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The Blastman B16CX Robot is a wall mounted robot which a highly flexible arm and attached man cabin.

The man cabin can be used by an operator for manual blasting, or it can be used to record a blast job to repeat on similar parts. This can be done by either recording a dry run-through of typical blasting job or by recording and actual job.


Blastman wall-mounted robotics are typically used in blasting facilities where vertical space is limited. Generally, this unit is used in manual blasting applications and for blasting non-repetitive objects.

To maximize productivity, often two robots are installed in a single facility, working together from opposite walls. In other cases, the workpiece can be rigged to turn at a constant rate into the blasting radius of a single blasting robot.


  • Insulated cabin for manual operation or for on-site programming
  • Flexible movement along longitudinal and vertical planes
  • Flexible arm with 4 multi-directional joints
  • 2 nozzle brackets with diameters ranging between .5” to .75”
  • Up to 145 psi capacity
  • Customizable machinery dimensions according to blast chamber and workpieces
  • Durable component parts to ensure smooth operation in harsh blasting environments