Compact Blast Rooms

Part no. SBMGP

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The BlastOne Compact Blast Room is the innovative solution to simple and tidy abrasive blasting either in the workshop or on site.

All auxiliary machinery and components fit neatly inside a compact floor space.

BlastOne will also ensure your compact blast booth is implemented in the most cost-effective manner by offering either a Pre-engineered, Assisted-Install or Turn-Key installation program.


BlastOne's compact blasting booth is suitable for all industrial workshops and on-site abrasive blasting work.

  • Powder coating facilities
  • Large industrial plants where items are needing to be blasted onsite instead of taken offsite to a blasting yard. For example: refineries, power plants, chemical plants, shipyards, etc.
  • Industrial workshops
  • Custom job shops
  • Small manufacturers


  • Width - Standard is 8' (2.4 m) wide
  • Height - Standard is 8' (2.4 m) high
  • Depth - Up to 20' (6 m) long
  • 1 blast operator
  • Full floor recovery (no shoveling required)
  • Bucket elevator and airwash for abrasive cleaning
  • Abrasive storage hopper
  • Doors on one end
  • Dry filter type Dust Collector