A Unique Solution on a Shoestring Budget

Advanced Surface Finishing is a mid-sized powdercoating company based in Westbury, NY. For over 25 years, Advanced Surface has committed themselves to providing superior quality coating finishes for their customers.

Without an extensive budget for the project and with limited space available, Advanced Surface was looking for a customized solution that fit their company’s goals.

Advanced Surface wanted to migrate their sandblasting operations in house to give them greater control over costs, lead-times, and service availability for their customers.


Without indoor space available and an extremely limited budget, Advanced Surface elected to construct a make-shift booth out of two 40 ft shipping containers, which they welded together. BlastOne then outfitted the booth with an abrasive recovery system and dust collection equipment.


With the new facilities, Advanced Surface is now easily able to house their blasting operations in house. No longer reliant on subcontractor work, their finishing operations are quicker and more profitable than they have ever been.

blast booth proposal mockup
BlastOne's proposal mockup of the project that would ensure the greatest degree of efficiency without breaking the budget
blast booth shipping containers
The exterior of Advanced Surface's blast booth, made of two shipping containers welded together
blast and paint booth interior
The interior of Advanced Surface's newly minted blast and paint booth
blast and paint booth dust collection
BlastOne outfitted the booth with a dust collection system to ensure worker safety and to reduce waste