General Purpose Blast Room

Part no. SBMGS

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The BlastOne General Purpose Blast Room is our standard offering for most applications for anyone involved in blasting over 10-15 hours per week

Having a blast room in-house gives you the control you need over your production. These purpose-designed blast booths are built specifically for everyday blasting applications. A blast room will ensures your products have consistency of finish quality, and are completed within a predictable time frame - something you can have total control over.


Any typical blasting application can be solved with the BlastOne General Purpose Blast Room. 
  • Steel fabricators
  • Truck & trailer manufacturing or refinishing
  • Job shops
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Oil & gas components
  • OEM manufacturers


  • Any size is possible - talk us to about your specific requirements
  • Typical width: 12' up to 34' wide (3.6m - 10m)
  • Typical height: 12' up to 30' high (3.6m - 9m)
  • Typical length: 30' up to 100' long (9m - 30m)
  • 1-4 blasting operators is typical
  • Partial recovery or full floor recovery floo
  • Bucket elevator with airwash for abrasive cleaning
  • Abrasive storage hopper
  • Dry cartridge type Dust Collector standard