Rapid Expansion Pushes Manufacturer to Build New Facility

finished blast booth
Finished blast booth with oscillating cross conveyor.

Tronair is a world leading manufacturer of aircraft ground support equipment based in Toledo, OH. Tronair has experienced some rapid growth with recent acquisitions, and they needed to a new base of operations where they could manufacture equipment from three different they had acquired.

Tronair needed to convert their 120,000 sq ft facility into an efficient manufacturing center. Their goal was to see a 50% increase of productivity compared to previous facilities and the capacity to have multiple blasters working at a given time.


BlastOne designed, engineered a custom blasting and painting facility for Tronair.

It included the following elements:

  • Custom built abrasive blast room
  • Built-in abrasive recovery system
  • Paint booth with unique paint cure mode to apply automotive finishes to equipment.

BlastOne provided comprehensive, custom blueprint drawings outlining BlastOne's proposal for blast booth in Tronair's new facility's finishing division



The finishing facility was designed in-line with the rest of their manufacturing to allow for a seamless production process. The project was completed within 16 weeks.

Tronair’s newly minted finishing facilities give them ability to blast and paint three different brands of ground support equipment under one roof.

before and after blast booth installation
(Left:) Tronair's newly acquired facility before BlastOne's proposal
(Right:) Facility after the installation of two booths