Portable Container Blast Room

Part no. SBMGE

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The BlastOne Container Blast Room is manufactured by using standard 20' or 40' shipping containers and retrofitting with blasting equipment.

Container Blast Rooms can be customized to suit your specific requirements, however the usual specifications are listed below under the specifications section. These facilities do not have a recovery system in the floor so all the abrasive needs to be shoveled back up into a wall mounted hopper for recycling.


  • Blasting under 10 hours per week
  • Work piece is less than 5' wide


  • Quick installation - no pits or construction work typically required. Simply place on concrete, connect electrical and compressed air, and you are blasting.
  • Can be easily weather-proofed if needing to place outside.


  • 20' or 40' Shipping Container (modified)
  • Container doors on one end
  • Lights in ceiling
  • Partial recovery system Shovel-in hopper, Bucket Elevator and Airwash
  • Abrasive Storage Hopper
  • 6.5 cubic foot Blast Machine, single outlet
  • PPE for one operator
  • Dust Collector
  • Control Panel
  • Rubber sheeting on walls

A full floor recovery system is available as an option. If this is of interest, we recommend considering the BlastOne Portable Blast Room.