Ship Module Blast Room

Part no. SBMGZ

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The ability to blast and coat large fabricated steel structures in an enclosed and humidity controlled environment means a more productive facility that is not subject to inclement weather. This results in superior quality, lower production cost, much better cycle times, and an extended life of the coatings applied.

BlastOne Ship Module Blast and Paint Rooms are large enclosed halls that are designed and engineered to provide ventilation and visibility for both painting and grit blasting. The abrasive recycling systems and high performance vacuums provide work efficiency, while humidity controlled air helps prevent oxidation and flash rusting of the steel between the blasting and coating processes.

The configuration of the rooms can be designed around the ship modules to be coated. Ventilation systems are designed for end draft or downdraft configurations. Normally, because of the size of the rooms, a separate structure is required for the booth roof and building trusses.

Blasting and painting can occur in a combination room so the work piece doesn't have to be moved, or we can build separate halls for each process, where the work piece needs to be transported from blast to paint.


  • New Ship Construction
  • Oil & Gas Fabricated Modules
  • Blasting & Painting of Barges, Tugs, Trawlers, etc


BlastOne custom designs these facilities for each application as every customer usually has specific requirements. Please feel free to browse our project case studies below for references of projects we have completed.