Wind Tower Blast Room

Part no. SBMGW

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Wind Tower blasting & painting facilities are designed with production and quality in mind.

Wind Tower sections can be anything from 5' (1.5 m) in diameter up to 23' (7 m) in diameter and need to be fully blasted & painted inside and out. Sections are also typically metalized for maximum coating life.


For blasting, metalizing and painting the exterior and interior of wind tower sections and other large pipe sections.

  • Blast rooms
  • Metalizing rooms
  • Painting & curing rooms


Wind Tower Blast Booths are custom designed & engineered to suit each customers unique requirements. Typical specifications from past projects are below:

  • Width: Up to 30' (9 m) wide
  • Height: Up to 30' (9 m) high
  • Length: Up to 150' (45 m) long
  • Typically installed with Robotics for blasting the exterior and interior of tower sections in order to drastically increase production and better quality
  • Up to (8) eight blast operators
  • Partial recovery floor - conveyor runs entire length of booth
  • Rail & Trolley material handling system