Pneumatic Control Valve

Part no. DM2229000

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Installed between twin line and inlet valve to provide improved safety. Provides sharp, clean and rapid Deadman response. Reduces wear on both the remote control exhaust valve and the abrasive metering valve. The Control Valve allows a faster cut off of the deadman system rather then allowing all the air in the deadman twin line to exhaust directly into the deadman valves


Part No. Description
DM2229000 Pneumatic Control Valve
DM2229100 Electric Control Valve 12 V DC
AESVT3076G Electric Solenoid Valve
DM222900099 Service Kit for Pneumatic Control Valve
DM222910099 Service Kit for Electric Control Valve
DM2013402 Muffler / Dust Eliminator


BlastOne Control Line Pilot Valve Parts Breakdown
Item No. Description Part No. Mfg Part No.
1. Air Operator Cap *  
2. Plunger w/O-Rings DM222900002 2229-000-02
3. Valve Body *  
4. Spring DM222900004 2229-000-04
5. Spring Retainer *  
6. Filter Disk DM222900006 2229-000-06
7. O-Ring (Large) DM222900007 2229-000-07
8. Screw *  
9. Air Operator Assembly DM222900009 2229-000-09
10. O-Ring (2 each) DM222900010 2229-000-10

*Available Only With Kit



BlastOne Control Line Electric Pilot Valve Parts Breakdown
Item No. Description Part No. Mfg Part No.
11. Electric Operator Cap *  
12. Coil Cover Bottom *  
13. Coil 12 Volt DC DM222910003 2229-100-03
13c. Coil 24 Volt DC DM222910203 2229-102-03
14. Coil Cover *  
15. Nut *  
17. Gasket (Electric only) DM222910007 2229-100-07
  *Available Only With Kit