Response Electric Deadman Handle

Part no. DM2263402

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The response deadman handle has its name, due to the fact that it will shut your blasting deadman system down 20% faster then most other deadmans. 

This Deadman handle works with any electric deadman systemt hat is on any existing blasting system. 

There is some confusion in the industry about when you need an electric deadman handle, we beleive and recommend that when ever your blast pot or blast machine is over 100ft or 40 metres from the operator, you must use an electric deadman system. Using a Pnuematic deadman system for long lengths of blast hose, can be very dangerous, due to the delayed response time and could cause operator death or injury.

The Response handle is a compact slimline design with light-weight handle action; which makes it easy to hold down. 

The deadman is supplied with short cable which you can connect into any electric deadman system that you have.


For all industrial blasting electric systems concerned with operator safety.


  • Compact Slimline design
  • Light handle action - easy to hold down
  • 12 Volt or 24 Volt electric operation
  • Unit supplied with short cable
  • Order TwistLok plug and/or extension cable separately

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