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Blasting Whip Hoses.  Don’t go too small on your whip.  If the operator finds the standard blast hose too heavy to work with all day, a short length of flexible, lighter weight, blast hose - called a “whip” - can be used near the nozzle.  But be careful of using hose which is too small.  By decreasing the ID (internal diameter) of the hose, you increase friction losses and decrease productivity.

Shorter is better.  Don’t lose pressure.  Keep your air hose and blast hose lengths short. Put your compressor as close to the blast pot as possible, and keep your pot near your blasters to shorten the distance the air has to travel, thus keeping pressure drops to a minimum. It is especially helpful to keep a blast hose length short since pressure drops are even greater than in air hoses because you’re pushing abrasive and compressed air through the line.

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