Elcometer 456 MK3 Dual FNF

Part no. INA456CFNFTS

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The 456 Top Ferrous Metal Substrate Coating Thickness Gauge can be used with any Ferrous Substrate Probe or PINIP. This model includes memory that stores up to 150,000 readings and up to 2,500 batch files; each are capable of storing a distinct calibration. Batch types include: normal, counted average, IMO PSPC, and the readings may be sent directly to your computer via Bluetooth or USB. Includes: Multiple calibration adjustment options, High/low limits, Full color screen with back light, Metric/Imperial Units, Statistics (# of readings, mean, highest /lowest readings, standard deviation, co-efficient of variation), Impact, water and dust resistant-equivalent to IP64, Bluetooth to computer, pda or mobile phone, USB power supply option, Automatic rotating display; 0°, 90°, 180° and 270°, Single batch calibrations sent to PC via ElcoMaster 2.0, Supplied with Test Certificate, Two year warranty