Abrasive Particle Size Testing Kit

Part no. BAHNGKit

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There are two main reasons contractors want to understand the ratio of particle sizes in their abrasive.

  1. The first is to make sure the abrasive you’re buying will actually do the work you need it to do.  Removing thick coatings and impacting the profile requires larger-sized particles, while removing corrosion and cleaning out pits require smaller-sized particles.  The needs of your project should dictate the ratio of particle sizes in the abrasive you buy.
  2. Another reason for testing particle size is to ensure when you’re recycling abrasive that you don’t have dust building up in the reclaimed materials as well as to make certain you’re maintaining a good working blend.  Recycled abrasive will get finer and finer with subsequent usage, and so facilities oftentimes purchase bags of pure 36 mesh to top off their reclaimed materials just to fortify the proper ratio of large working particles.

Testing guarantees there are enough fine particles to clean the surface and enough coarser particles to break the coating or corrosion off the surface.

Using a BlastOne abrasive test kit makes the testing process simple and convenient either in your facility or in the field.

It comes with a full set of sieves specifically matched to the abrasive in use.  This set is for garnet and other expendable abrasives.  It also comes with a graduated cylinder and funnel.