Nozzle Pressure Test Kit

Part no. BAHNGKit

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With many blast systems, typical nozzle pressure is about 20 psi below compressor output pressure! Determine the nozzle pressure quickly and accurately Keep a Nozzle Pressure Test Kit on hand and check the nozzle pressure daily.

PRODUCTIVITY TIP : Nozzle pressure is critical for productivity and efficiency.  Remember, every 1 psi below 100 psi drops your production by 1.5%.  If your nozzle pressure drops from 100 psi to 90 psi - you'll take 15% longer to do the same amount of work.


A productivity and efficiency improvement tool used to assess blasting pressure for any size project.


Kit Includes: 
  • Liquid filled stainless steel pressure gauge with dual pressure and efficiency scale
  • (4) needles and instructions
  • Protective leather-bound case

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