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Dry filter spray booths are engineered systems that use both airflow and a dry filter to remove paint-based particulates from the booth’s air emissions.  Dry filter booths are a preferred alternative to water curtain systems that direct particulate-air through a “wall of water” to, in effect, cleanse it of the overspray particulates.  Comparatively, water systems generate waste water and the corollary paint sludge, which typically needs to be disposed of as hazardous waste.  There is a tremendous cost saving between the two system as a facility’s electrical, water, and disposal costs are severely reduced when using the filter system.

There are many types of dry filter systems but all operate by directing pressurized, particulate-laden, air toward the filter.  When this fast-flowing air-pressure is directed through a labyrinth of filter grooves and channels - the air speed increases causing the heavier paint particulates to crash into the filter, removing themselves from the airflow.  A secondary refinement filter, placed behind the particulate filter, further “scrubs” the air before it’s released into the atmosphere.

BlastOne offers a variety of dry filter booth models for commercial and industrial applications.  Their internal engineering department is also available to consult and design for any custom solution(s) needed for unique applications and situations.

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