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BlastOne’s Enclosed Industrial Booths are designed to facilitate the highest quality finish in the most efficient manner. Air flow enters through the filtered double doors at the booth’s front, flows through the designated working area, and exits the filtered exhaust chamber located at the back of the booth. This exhaust air is drawn through the exhaust plenum, filtered twice, and then discharged into the atmosphere through an exhaust stack in the ceiling. To maximize your available floor space, BlastOne’s enclosed spray booths are available in four heights to accommodate your needs. Custom built sizes are also available and our in-house engineering department is always available for questions or consultations.

Our enclosed spray booths are constructed from heavy duty, 18-gauge, galvanized steel with all panels and support members precision punched for simple nut and bolt assembly.  Independent product entry and personnel doors facilitate easy access into the enclosed space. These paint booths are ideal for a variety of industrial refinishing applications.

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