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BlastOne’s Large Equipment Spray Booths are designed with best-practices engineering to fit your specific coating finishing application and safety requirements. Our internal engineering team can design heavy-duty, customized, turn-key solutions for liquid or powder spray finishing requirements.  Each spray booth commissioned by BlastOne will also incorporate the optimal airflow option right for your facility; including crossdraft & modified crossdraft, both side and full downdraft, and of course open face.

BlastOne’s Large Equipment Booths are designed to withstand many years of heavy industrial use while achieving high-quality finishes in a safe environment that exceeds government safety regulations so you easily achieve both maximum efficiency and regulatory compliance.

With nearly 40 years of industry experience, BlastOne can consult, design, and commission large spray booths for all industrial sectors including military, marine, aviation, trucking, bus, agriculture, alternative energy, and utilities.  Our customer support teams are knowledgeable and ready to handle any of your blasting or coating questions. Contact us today and experience the difference in our superior equipment, abrasives and know-how!

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