Small Industrial Enclosed Spray Paint Booths

Part no. SBMFLE

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The Large MASTERFLO LE System enables you to achieve high level finishes on work pieces, giving you a strong production advantage and a unique market position. 

  • Brand - MASTERFLO 
  • Model - MFLE 
  • Compliance - AS/NZ 4114; Parts 1 & 2 
  • Width - From 5000mm 
  • Height - From 4000mm 
  • Depth - From 1200mm 
  • Motor Size - From 3.0kW 
  • Filter type - Corrugated Card, HE+, Fibreglass 

  • Motor Size: From 3.0kW 
  • Filter Type: Corrugated Card, HE+, Fibreglass 
  • Compressed Air Consumption: From 10cfm 
  • Control System: Fully Compliant. Includes, Pre-Purge & Post Purge Cycles, Hour Run Meter, Pressure Switch, Compressed Air Solenoid, Fault Alarm & Isolator. Air Flow: Negative Pressure.Min 0.5m/sec through work area 
  • Power Source: 3 Phase Electrical Duty Cycle: 100% 
  • Supplied As: Kit Form or Turnkey 
  • Recommended Uses: Large Item Painting where increased level of finish is required eg. Mining Machinery, Earth-moving Equipment, Mechanical Assemblies, Architectural Fabrications. Suitable For: Small to Medium Level finishing applications