Masterflo Open Front Spray Booths

Part no. SBMFOF

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The MASTERFLO Open Front Spray Booth enables you to operate your spray painting process within a controlled environment without pumping fumes and overspray all over your workshop. 
The airflow through the work area has been specifically designed to contain and exhaust all solvent fumes, whilst capturing the overspray in a simple yet effective low-maintenance filter system. Constructed from durable materials they are designed to remain modular and relocatable. 

  • Brand - MASTERFLO 
  • Model - MF, MFL 
  • Compliance - AS/NZ 4114; Parts 1 & 2 
  • Width - From 1220mm 
  • Depth - From 610mm 
  • Height - From 2135mm 
  • Motor Size - From 0.55kW 
  • Filter type - Corrugated Card, HE+, Fibreglass 

  • Compressed Air Consumption: From 10cfm 
  • Control System: Fully Compliant. Includes, Pre-Purge & Post Purge Cycles, Hour Run Meter, Pressure Switch, Compressed Air Solenoid, Fault Alarm & Isolator. 
  • Air Flow: Min 0.5m/sec through work area 
  • Power Source: 3 Phase Electrical 
  • Duty Cycle: 100% 
  • Supplied As: Kit Form or Turnkey 
  • Recommended Uses: General Industrial, Manufacturing & Automotive, as well as preparation areas. 
  • Suitable For: Spraying of any part liquid or chemical. (Clarify with our technical team prior to use)