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With over 40 years of industry experience, BlastOne is a proud distributor of Mastre-Flex retractable paint & spray booths.  These cost-effective and environmentally-protective enclosures are ideal for shops needing to maximize floor space, improve efficiency, and comply with safety regulations. These retractable booths are perfectly suited as short run paint and spray booths, prep & finishing stations, etc.  It’s nearly effortless to  retract and extend these enclosures and typically the process can be handled by a single individual. When not in use, simple retract the enclosure to one-fifth it’s extended size and store against the wall or wherever it makes most sense to maximize the floor space of your facility.

The BlastOne distributed Mastre-Flex retractable booths utilize a 3 phase electrical power source, enjoy a low maintenance factor, are suitable for medium to high level finishing applications in industrial manufacturing, furniture finishing, automotive restoration, or small parts steel fabrication industries. The booths are available in kit form or turnkey. 

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