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Water Wash Spray Booths are designed for many finishing applications and provide an extremely effective process for removing particulates from the exhausted air.  Water wash booths  are preferred by all fire and building codes because they remove combustible paint particles from the facility air by using water as a filtration medium.

Compared to dry filter spray booths, water wash booths are perfect for high volume paint usage or for applications that require a greater variety of paint with varying viscosities and drying speeds.  BlastOne offers a 2-stage water turbulence filtration system in either a fixed or retractable booth.  

With over 40 years experience in the corrosion control industry, BlastOne is a global leader for commercial and industrial painters and blasters.  Renowned in the industry, we are a one-stop resource as retailers, distributors, and manufacturers of commercial equipment solutions.  Contact our support teams for more information on water wash spray booths or for any of your painting needs.

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