Niagara Open Front Water Wash Spray Booths


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The Niagara Water Wash Spray Booth System remains the complete solution to airborne particle filtration. The filter system consists of a full height water curtain which continually captures all particles and sends them through 2nd-Stage Water Turbulence. 
All components are constructed from strong, durable materials resulting in a long-lasting, modular and low maintenance piece of equipment. Because of the versatility of this design these booths have been used for Spray Painting, Powdercoating, Stone and Metal Grinding, to name a few. 

  • Brand - Niagara Model - N 
  • Compliance - AS/NZ 4114, Parts 1 & 2 
  • Width - From 1220mm 
  • Height - From 2745mm to 3660mm 
  • Depth - From 610mm 

  • Motor Size: From 4.0kW 
  • Filter Type: Water Wash 
  • Compressed Air Consumption: Min 10cfm 
  • Control System: Fully Compliant. Includes, Pre-Purge & Post Purge Cycles, Hour Run Meter, Pressure Switch, Compressed Air Solenoid, Fault Alarm & Isolator. 
  • Air Flow: Min 0.5m/sec through workarea 
  • Power Source: 3 Phase Electrical 
  • Duty Cycle: 100% 
  • Maintenance Efficiency Factor: Medium 
  • Supplied As: Kit Form or Turnkey 
  • Recommended Uses: High Volume Spray Painting, Powdercoating, Sanding, Grinding & Finishing of any material such as metals, ceramics, stone, timber, composites, fibreglass 
  • Suitable For: Painting production lines, High Volume Workshops, Powdercoating, Industrial Grinding & Linishing, Stonework, Sculpting.