Warrior 4000 Conventional Paint Sprayer


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The Warrior 4000 cart-mounted sprayer is the ultimate tool for conventional paint spraying, with an ultra-quick setup, cleanup, and color change-up.


In the past, most industrial shops used a pressure pot for their conventional painting for many years.

Upgrading to a Warrior Sprayer takes all the hard work away. Using your existing hose and gun setup, the warrior pump uses a double action piston pump to spray quickly and smoothly. Simply plug the pick up tube into your paint can and you can start spraying in two minutes.

Cleanup? No problem! Put the suction tube into your solvent can and place the pump in re-cicceive mode. You can change colors in under five minutes.

Need to agitate your coating? Easy, just add-on an air powered agitator right onto the Warrior.


  • Includes: High performance 1.4mm AirPro Gun and 25" of hose.
  • Cart mounted
  • 100 psi max fluid output pressure
  • 8 gallon (30 liter) max free flow
  • Aluminum pump or stainless steel pump
  • Fluid recirculation valve
  • 3/8" (10mm) fluid oulet
  • High flow air regulators