Graco XM PFP Plural Component Sprayer

Part no. GM262869

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Passive fire protection (PFP) Coatings are designed to make steel structures more resistant to fire by insulating the steel from the high temperatures. This maintains the structure soundness for longer, allowing for personnel evacuation.

The Graco XM PFP Sprayer is the latest in spraying technology ensuring that coatings are sprayed on-ratio. The system is easy to use and comes as a complete system to ensure it is up and running very quickly.

When using a PFP Coating it is important to heat your paint, and keep it heated while spraying. This package comes with everything you need to keep spraying effectively.

This System includes;


  • XM PFP Plural Component Sprayer
  • 50 ft (15 m) dual heated hose
  • Mix manifold
  • 17 ft (5 m) static mix line
  • 30:1 Solvent flush pump
  • XHF Gun with 429 tip
  • Two Check-Mate® 20-gal (76 l) heated feed modules
  • Drum Agitators 
  • Level sensors

Customised Systems are available - Request a Quote for more information.


Please watch Graco's Video on their XM Passive Fire Protection (PFP) Equipment


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