RPB Nova L4 LED Helmet Light

Part no. HLBLL49502G

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Designed for the RPB Nova 3 Blasting Helmet Respirator the L4 uses a stainless steel clip to hold onto the front peak of the Helmet Respirator. The light mounts directly to the front of the helmet, to ensure that the light is always concentrated on what the blaster is looking at.

The increased visibility this light provides blasters with not only improves operator safety, but it ensures a higher level of productivity with less instances of overblasting


To improve visibility and safety for abrasive blasting operators while blasting.


  • Battery lasts 4 hours on a single charge
  • Replaceable outer lens to ensure that the light is coming through strong and clear
  • Directly mounted to helmet with minimal protrusion
  • Lightweight battery pack
  • Rapid recharge rate (3-4 hours to full charge)
  • Mounts directly to Nova 3 helmet without modifications

Component Parts Breakdown

L4 Blast Light Part Breakdown
Item No. Description Part No. Mfg Part No.
1. Light Assembly HLBLL49502G 09-502-G
2. Light Cable HLBLL49524 09-524
3. Battery Pack and Belt HLBLL495322 09-532-2
4. Cable/Hose Clips HAT100122 07-122
5. Top and Bottom Mounting Clips HLBLL49520 09-520
6. Outer Lens HLBLL49522 09-522
7. 12v DC Power Supply and Power Cable HLBLL49526 09-526
8. Power Cable HLBLL4PC 09-021
9. 12v DC Power Supply HLBLL49525 09-525