RPB C40 Cool Air and Hot Air Tube

Part no. HLCCD3501PROMO

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C40 respirator climate control device, cooling/heating, adjustable, w/bsp thread and belt. Compatible with the Nova3 and Nova 2000 Blast Helmet.


The RPB® C40™ Climate Control Device can heat and cool your supplied air as desired.  With the slide of a lever, operators can switch from heating to cooling effortlessly, ensuring optimal levels of comfort.

The RPB® C40™ can cool incoming air by a decrease of 52°F (29°C) or heat it by an increase 33°F (18°C) .  This is achieved by simply switching the mixing lever from hot to cold.


  • Includes: flow control
  • Compatible: Nova3 and Nova 2000
  • Cooling: up to 50°F (30°C) decrease
  • Heating: up to 30°F (12°C) increase
  • Made from medical grade Nylon - you just can't break it!


C40 Parts Breakdown
Item No. Description Part No. Mfg Part No.
1. C40 Top Case Assembly HLCCD3521 03-521
2. C40 Exhaust Assembly HLCCD3522 03-522
3. C40 Belt Loop HLCCD3538 03-538
4. C40 Inlet Collar HLCCD3536 03-536
5. RPB 1/4" Plug to 1/4" MNPT Swivel HLCCD3012PMS 03-012-PMS
6. RPB 1/4" Safety Plug to 1/4" MNPT Swivel(AUS CE fitting) HLCCD3022PMS 03-022-PMS
7. C40 U Tube Assembly HLCCD3510 03-510
8. C40 Bottom Case HLCCD3514 03-514
9. C40 Silencers (Pair) HLCCD3537 03-537
10. C40 Silencer Assembly HLCCD3526 03-526